What to Do If Your Car Gives You the Silent Treatment

Do you believe that silence is golden? If you are sitting in your car, you're in a hurry to get to work and nothing happens when you turn the key, then the answer to that question will be a resounding no. While your car may well be reliable ordinarily and has served you well, it is nevertheless very frustrating when it doesn't cooperate. However, you shouldn't despair and may be able to diagnose the problem and effect a quick fix in some cases. Read More 

Troubleshooting for Common Clutch Pedal Problems

The transmissions on all cars can be grouped into only two types — manuals and automatics. Generally speaking, manuals comprise fewer moving parts compared to autos. As they are less complicated, manuals are easier to work on but also less susceptible to problems. Therefore, manual transmission cars are the perfect choice for people who are looking to enjoy convenient transport without the trouble of higher car maintenance and repair costs.  Read More 

Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to the Condition of Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

Your car is made up of thousands of different parts, and some are more complicated than others. It is certainly true to say that the automatic transmission that helps you use the power generated by your engine to good effect is one of the more complex, but failures are often down to one particular component. What do you need to pay attention to if you are going to enjoy your motoring experience without any setbacks? Read More 

Why It Never Pays to Be Too Passé about Your Cooling System

A number of different systems are in action to make your vehicle work efficiently whenever you drive it down the road. These systems may be physically unconnected, but each one of them is critical if the car is to perform as it is supposed to. Some of these systems may be "more obvious" than others, especially when something starts to go wrong, but you must nevertheless make sure that you maintain each one of them correctly if you are going to enjoy unhindered motoring. Read More 

Top Tips on How to Care for Your Auto Transmission System

One of the vital components of an automatic car is the transmission system. Automatic transmissions function using multiple torques; whereby the clutch, gear and throttle automatically coordinates to keep the vehicle running. For your automatic transmission system to function for reliably for a long time, proper maintenance is key. Here are some tips to help keep your transmission system working properly for as long as possible. Maintain the correct transmission fluid level. Read More