3 Basic Car Servicing Tips for First-Time Owners

If you were to travel by plane, you would want to get on one that is serviced regularly based on a schedule. Similarly, if you were to jump on a roller-coaster ride, you would hope that the technician has checked the bolts and nuts to ensure that the roller-coaster is safe. The same goes for your vehicle, but unfortunately, most car owners only take their cars for servicing when they detect that something is off. Read More 

Three Crucial Aspects of Truck Repair

Whether you are a truck driver or you manage a fleet of trucks, you understand that the success of your business depends on the condition of your trucks. If they are in excellent road condition, you spend less time delivering freight and spend less on eventualities, such as towing after breakdowns. On the other hand, when you service your trucks poorly, you have to deal with constant repairs and downtime. Here are the three crucial components of truck repair to always have in mind. Read More 

What to Do If Your Radiator Springs a Leak

In Australia, everything seems to get hot under the collar from time to time, especially in the heat of the summer. For example, you may notice that your car is starting to complain as the temperature gauge climbs inexorably towards the top. If you've noticed this recently and have also detected an unusually sweet smell at the same time, you may have double trouble ahead. It looks like you have encountered a leak within your coolant system and the radiator could be on the way out. Read More