Why You Need to Pay Close Attention to the Condition of Your Automatic Transmission Fluid

Your car is made up of thousands of different parts, and some are more complicated than others. It is certainly true to say that the automatic transmission that helps you use the power generated by your engine to good effect is one of the more complex, but failures are often down to one particular component. What do you need to pay attention to if you are going to enjoy your motoring experience without any setbacks?

Are You Normal?

Believe it or not, but most automatic transmission failures are down to human error, when drivers fail to take into account the condition of the lubricating fluid. This may sound like a relatively simple fix, but it is often overlooked by the typical Australian motorist. Manufacturers develop this fluid to operate under "acceptable" temperature conditions, designed to mimic normal, everyday use. If the fluid is maintained properly, it can do its job for many years of driving, but the problem is that it's hard to define what is "normal" in many cases.

Are You at Risk?

You may not be "normal" if you tend to drive at high speeds during typically hot summer months, or if you tow a trailer for extended periods of time. If you like to drive into the outback and subject your vehicle to a variety of different surfaces, then you will certainly be adding extra pressure to your systems.

Other Considerations

Did you know that you need to maintain your engine cooling system properly, or your automatic transmission fluid may start to play up? As you can see, there are many different contributory factors involved.


If your transmission fluid operates outside of this "normal" window, then it is going to be seriously compromised. In these situations, it will start to oxidise, and when this happens, a thin film or varnish is applied to many of the internal parts of the gearbox. Also, if the operating temperature goes to extremes, then the rubber seals that connect the various parts will start to harden and crack, leading to leakage. It won't be long before the transmission will start to slip instead of engage properly, causing the clutch to burn out.

Making Sure It's Done

You may think that transmission servicing is automatically included in any scheduled visit to the car service centre, but this is not necessarily so. Have a word with your mechanic to make sure that they help you maintain the efficiency of your fluid, especially if you are one of those "abnormal" motorists!