What to Do If Your Automatic Transmission Is Inconsistent

If you have a car that's fitted with an automatic transmission, you will undoubtedly take this complicated mechanism for granted. You'll go from point-to-point as if you were on autopilot until a problem rears its head. In this case, the system seems to be working erratically and it will often jerk or hesitate instead of shifting smoothly from one gear to the next. Is this something to do with the clutch mechanism or could it be another thing entirely? Read More 

Could a Lack of Attention Be Causing Problems With Your Trucking Fleet?

If you operate a trucking fleet, you know how important it is to keep up with maintenance; not only to avoid a breakdown but to get the best value for money and return on your significant investment. Each of these vehicles is designed to put up with a lot of abuse and cover tens of thousands of kilometres per year, but they must receive an adequate amount of preventative care, or the long road will be cut short prematurely. Read More 

How to Provide Extra Protection for Your Transmission

Do you consider yourself to be a careful driver who tries to look after your vehicle from a mechanical point of view, in order to pinch those pennies? If so, you may have been upset recently by some unexpected transmission repairs, especially as you thought you were particularly sensitive when changing gears. In order to be even more sympathetic and to try and avoid such a repair bill in the future, why should you consider adding a friction modifier to your maintenance mix? Read More 

Cold Times Are Coming—How to Ensure Your Car Is Ready

When the mercury is boiling, and you cannot wait to get into an air-conditioned room, it's difficult to think about heating issues and whether your car's unit is in good shape for the winter ahead. However, time does fly and before you know it you will be shivering in your garage as you get ready to drive to work. Don't get caught out like you did last year and take some action now to service your vehicle's heater. Read More 

What to Do If You’ve Misplaced Your Vehicle’s Logbook

When somebody takes delivery of a brand new car, all they can think about is this new vehicle, how they're going to enjoy many long years of ownership and how they're going to take care of it very carefully. You may have been in this position before, where you can't even bear to get the car dirty and are completely focused on its well-being with no compromise. However, with the passage of time this attention to detail fades away and some owners may even forget to service the vehicle according to the manufacturer recommendations. Read More