Log Book Servicing: What It Is and Its Benefits

Buying a new car is exciting, but you must think about its maintenance needs and costs. You should strive to get the most favourable vehicle maintenance strategy to get maximum returns from your purchase. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners spend more money than they should because they approach the entire process incorrectly. If your vehicle has been giving you sleepless nights because of escalating maintenance costs, it is time to switch to log book maintenance. Read More 

Auto Transmission Repair: 3 Ways to Tell That All Is Not Well With Your Transmission

Every driver understands the importance of the transmission system in a vehicle. The transmission transfers the power generated by the engine to the drivetrain through a series of gears. The system contains numerous moving parts and other intricate details. If you do not pay attention to your car's transmission, you might end up with serious mechanical problems. Repairing minor issues as soon as you detect them is crucial in preventing costly repair work. Read More