Auto Transmission Repair: 3 Ways to Tell That All Is Not Well With Your Transmission

Every driver understands the importance of the transmission system in a vehicle. The transmission transfers the power generated by the engine to the drivetrain through a series of gears. The system contains numerous moving parts and other intricate details. If you do not pay attention to your car's transmission, you might end up with serious mechanical problems. Repairing minor issues as soon as you detect them is crucial in preventing costly repair work. Read More 

3 Facts About Caravan Electric Brake Controllers

An electric brake controller is a vital piece of safety equipment in a caravan or trailer's braking system. Apart from safety, it a legal requirement to fit a caravan with an electric brake controller. For instance, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) requires that brakes be equipped to each caravan weighing 750-2,000 kilograms. Besides, caravans weighing  2-4.5 tonnes must have brakes on all wheels. Here are some critical facts about caravan electric brake controllers. Read More 

Could Bad Habits Cause Clutch Bearing Issues?

Although the majority of new cars today are equipped with an automatic transmission, there are still thousands of vehicles on the road that rely on a manual shift. You may have one of these cars, but you may not know too much about the mechanics involved and, in particular, the clutch assembly. What could be going wrong, therefore, if you are having some issues when trying to change gear? Excess Strain Read More 

Panel Beating Tips for Apprentices

Most people associate panel beating with the deafening noise in a workshop, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Thanks to continuous innovations in the automotive industry, panel beating has quickly gained popularity. As an automotive body repair apprentice, you should be excited at the current prospects of the industry. However, you should understand that apprentice panel beaters are only allowed to handle tiny and shallow dents as they ease into the trade. Read More 

3 Basic Car Servicing Tips for First-Time Owners

If you were to travel by plane, you would want to get on one that is serviced regularly based on a schedule. Similarly, if you were to jump on a roller-coaster ride, you would hope that the technician has checked the bolts and nuts to ensure that the roller-coaster is safe. The same goes for your vehicle, but unfortunately, most car owners only take their cars for servicing when they detect that something is off. Read More