Why Do Semi-Trucks Commonly Need Suspension Repair?

There are businesses out there that focus almost specifically on repairing suspension systems on semi-trucks. You could be wondering if these businesses are actually busy and why they are used so much. These are a few reasons why so many semi-trucks end up needing suspension repair.

They Handle Heavy Loads

For one thing, semi-trucks often have to handle very heavy loads. Although it's true that they are designed for this purpose, this doesn't mean that the heavy loads don't sometimes cause suspension issues. Truck drivers can help preserve their suspension systems by making sure that they don't overload their trucks, which they should avoid anyway for safety reasons and legal purposes. However, even if they do that, they might still need suspension repair at some point or another. Having repairs done properly and with the right suspension components can help them ensure that their trucks will be better able to handle the heavy load later.

They Drive in Different Conditions

Driving on bumpy paths to get to loading docks and driving over highways that might have potholes and other imperfections can be tough on semi-trucks. However, semi-truck drivers have to drive on all different types of roads and in all different types of weather conditions. Potholes and bumpy roads and paths can be hard on suspension systems, and snow and ice can cause problems, too. All of these things can lead to truck drivers having to take their trucks in for suspension repair from time to time.

They're Driven a Lot

Many truck drivers spend many hours on the road with their trucks, which can lead to wear and tear on the various components of their trucks. This includes their suspension systems. Therefore, long-distance truck drivers or others who have their trucks on the road for many hours each week might have to have suspension repairs done more regularly.

They Have to Be Kept in Good Condition

When a truck driver notices that there is something wrong with their truck's suspension, they typically will not wait to have suspension repair done, even if the job is going to be pretty expensive. This is because truck drivers are required by law to make sure that their trucks are in good, safe condition when they take them on the road. Plus, faulty suspension can make for uncomfortable driving and handling, so many drivers want to get their suspension fixed as soon as possible.

For more information about truck suspension repair, contact a local mechanic.