Services Offered By Mechanics: A Guide For New Car Owners

Once you buy a new car, one of your primary concerns would be how to conduct routine car maintenance and repairs. Well, a mechanic will help out with such issues if you do not have any experience in car repairs. Similar to other new car owners, you could ask your close friends to recommend an experienced mechanic. However, this should not be your only criteria when deciding which mechanic you should work with. You should conduct due diligence to establish the services offered by the mechanic. This excerpt details some of the services that your mechanic should offer. 

Logbook Maintenance

The manufacturer expects you to conduct logbook maintenance to keep the warranty valid. These are a series of tasks that ensure your vehicle runs in optimal condition. Other than the standard service, you could be required to service and replace various engine components at specified intervals. Depending on the model of your car, you may need an accredited mechanic to conduct logbook maintenance. If this is the case, your mechanic should have sufficient experience and the required accreditation to perform logbook maintenance. 

Sourcing Car Parts

Your mechanic should be in a position to source quality parts to repair or upgrade your car. Most experienced mechanics have working relationships with dealers and manufacturers. Therefore, they can source OEM parts that you cannot find at your local parts shop. If you are on a tight budget, your mechanic should help you buy quality used parts from junkyards. If you wish to upgrade your vehicle, the professional should advise you about viable aftermarket parts and source them at a reasonable price. 

Roadside Rescue

Suppose you locked in your car key, punctured your radiator or damaged the clutch. You could call a tow service to tow your vehicle to a nearby garage. However, some mechanics will offer roadside rescue to their loyal clients. Typically, the professional will repair your car at the roadside, eliminating the need for towing. 

Body Repairs

Most new car owners are concerned about the mechanic's ability to conduct mechanical repairs. However, what would happen if you were involved in an accident? Your mechanic should help restore your vehicle to its original shape. One of your main concerns should be whether the mechanic can conduct insurance repairs. Not all repairs shops work with insurance companies. However, if your mechanic does, you will enjoy insurance car repairs without spending a single cent. 

Your mechanic should conduct logbook maintenance, help source car parts, offer roadside rescue and conduct body repairs. Contact a local car mechanic to ask about these services.