2 Signs Your Car Engine Is About to Fail

All vehicles run with the help of an engine, so protecting your engine should be a top-of-mind priority if you're a car owner. Your car engine can breakdown due to many different reasons including poor car maintenance, normal wear and tear of parts, bad driving habits, etc. No matter how well you maintain your car or how good of a driver you are, engine problems may still arise. Keeping watch for engine problems between visits made to the car service shop for routine maintenance is vital to minimising the risk of engine failure.

Impending engine failure may manifest itself in so many different ways. Here are two obvious signs of engine trouble you must never disregard. 

When you see a trail of engine oil on the ground after you park your car. 

If you notice a trail of engine oil that seems to be coming from your car on your garage floors, along the driveway or at the parking lot after you park the vehicle, you should know that your engine is at risk of breaking down at any time. Engine oil is the all-important fluid that keeps your engine well-lubed all the time, so losing it due to a leak would lead to faster wear and tear of moving parts.

Don't just walk away from your vehicle upon parking it. Take a few seconds or minutes to check for any oil leaks below your car. Your engine block or cylinder head might have been cracked or damaged when you accidentally hit the underside of your car while driving on a rough road, thus leading to oil leaks, so it is always a good idea to visually check for any leaks after every trip. 

When the engine light on your dash comes on.

Your car's dashboard has different warning lights, and each is designed to perform a specific function. One of those warning lights is the engine light. If it turns on or starts blinking while you are on the road, know that you may be facing a serious problem with your engine. Your engine could be running too hot, you may be running low on engine oil or you may be in need of an oil change. Unfortunately, the engine light normally pops on without any explanation, so you may need to visit a qualified car mechanic to find out the exact cause of the problem.

If you notice anything wrong with your engine, make a trip to the car mechanic for immediate diagnosis and repair. Your engine is one of the most important parts of your car, so you shouldn't take any chances if you suspect that it is about to fail.