Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Working for Longer

The air conditioner in your car does much more than blow cool air on a hot summer day. It is also responsible for expelling warm air from the cabin and maintaining proper airflow within the vehicle. It is also tied to the defrost function of your windows, where snow and ice during the winter can be removed from your windscreen.

For the air conditioner to remain effective, it needs various components to work. These parts include the condenser, compressor and evaporator. If you notice any problems with your unit, you should seek vehicle repairs as soon as possible.

Identifying problems early can also allow you to avoid costly repairs in the future. In addition, seeking routine air conditioner maintenance can keep your unit working for longer.

Here are several tips you can implement to keep your air conditioning unit working flawlessly.

Turn on the air conditioner for a minimum of 12 minutes, once a week

In order to keep your compressor working properly, you need to maintain regular gas pressure in the unit. You can achieve this by turning on your air conditioner for a minimum of about 12 minutes, once a week. Keep the fan speed at its highest and coolest settings during this time. This will maintain an adequate flow of gas pressure across the unit and keep the compressor in good condition.

If you notice any issues with your compressor, don't hesitate to obtain air conditioner repair services.

Turn on the defrost for at least 10 minutes

Mold and mildew tends to accumulate within the vents of the air conditioner. As a result, mold spores can be blown out through the vents and inhaled by occupants in your car.

To prevent this, run the defrost function for about 10 minutes in order to expel these contaminants as well as excess moisture.

Regularly recharge your air conditioner

After sometime, your unit may need to be topped up with gas and lubricant. Make sure you seek air conditioner maintenance in order to have these components refilled and refreshed. This should be done at least once every two years.

Obtain air conditioner maintenance when seasons change

As the weather transitions from summer to winter, or winter to summer, make sure you take you car in for maintenance so you can get a full checkup of your unit.

It can be very inconveniencing to have your air conditioner break down unexpectedly during a very hot/very cold day. Therefore, always be prepared by seeking air conditioner repair/maintenance whenever you notice any potential issues.