Top Tips on How to Care for Your Auto Transmission System

One of the vital components of an automatic car is the transmission system. Automatic transmissions function using multiple torques; whereby the clutch, gear and throttle automatically coordinates to keep the vehicle running. For your automatic transmission system to function for reliably for a long time, proper maintenance is key. Here are some tips to help keep your transmission system working properly for as long as possible.

Maintain the correct transmission fluid level.

Transmission fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the internal components of your transmission system. You should consider adding more transmission fluid in your car each time it runs out or when its level becomes low.  Otherwise, low fluid levels will cause the moving components of your transmission system to grind, in turn, resulting in premature wear of the parts. In addition, inadequate fluid levels will lead to overheating. Overheating within the transmission system will shorten your transmission's life. Therefore, to remedy this it is imperative to ensure the transmission fluid is at the recommended level. 

Changing transmission fluid as regularly as required.

Over time, transmission fluid may get dirty due to normal use. For your automatic transmission to function efficiently, you'll need to replace the fluid according to the instructions in your car manual. If you fail to do so in good time, your internal transmission components such as the seals and the gasket will begin to wear down.  In addition, it is important to take note of the transmission fluid type during transmission fluid change. It is advisable to use transmission fluid that matches your car's model and make. Using a wrong transmission fluid may be harmful to your transmission system.

Avoid making abrupt starts and stops.

Sudden starts and stops impacts on your car's engine and transmission mounts. In most instances, sudden starts and stops will damage your transmission components. If you have to make abrupt starts and stops, make sure your mounts are inspected and any necessary repairs undertaken.

Warm up your engine.

It is important to allow your car to idle for a few minutes before starting it off. This will warm up transmission fluid. The fluid is important ensure the moving parts are lubricated before beginning to drive. Apart from making automatic transmission system efficient and reliable, it your protect your from premature wearing.

The above tips will help keep your car's automatic transmission system working well for longer. In addition, they will help you avoid costly transmission repairs. If you are having any maintenance issues with your automatic transmission, contact your mechanic